5 Strange Christmas Traditions Around The Globe

Christmas is time for celebrations.  However, traditions differ. From scary to fun, we take a look at the weirdest celebrations around the globe

1) Austria


Have you been naughty? Beware and hide from the Krampus, a mythical half-goat, half-demon like creature that is said to punish naughty kids and adults alike. But, thousands gather on the streets to participate in the Krampus Parade. 

2) Norway


Evil spirits – especially, witches, in particular, come out during this time. So, the people here hide their brooms. 

3) Italy


La Befana is the kind friendly witch who goes around giving gifts to the children during Christmas. And there is a La Befana 

4) Germany


In the olden days, they used to hide a pickle on the branches of the Christmas Tree. The child who finds it first gets a special gift. 



Jólakötturinn or the Yule Cat is not a cute pet cat but a monster from the Icelandic folklore. This big, bad kitty is supposed to lurk the snowy countryside and eat up people who do not dress up properly during Christmas.