A Blunder from Mitchell Starc

Mitchell Starc missed the second half of the test series against India and also opted out from IPL 2017. But now Starc has been the talking of the town as he mistakenly delivered his message to the parody account of Virat Kohli instead of Virat Kohli’s official account.

The fake account of Virat Kohli posted a screenshot of the message. The account owner captioned the photo saying that Mitchell Starc texted me instead of real Virat Kohli. However, the photo can be easily doctored as there are various ways to do it. The photo, for now, seems to be authentic as no one has any clue.

However, the message from Mitchell Starc, if he really did message was a hilarious one. He indulged in a friendly banter as he asked Virat if he will accept him or does he have to find a new team in the IPL. He also wished him good luck for the upcoming IPL season and hoped his team goes all the way.

He also wished him a speedy recovery from his injury and congratulated him on the series win. Here is the tweet which actually disclosed the message.