How To Perfect A Simple Nail Art At Your Home

Do you adore perfectly manicured nails? Do you wish to add a bit of dazzle to them as well? Here is a simple way you can do that at your home.

Things you need

Nail polish in different colors, Nail coat, orange stick, cotton balls, toothpick, eye-liner brush, nail cutter, nail filer

Prepare your nails



Wash your hands and clean your nails. Cut them across in straight fashion. Remove the cuticle if any using an orange stick. File your nails.

Apply a base coat using a colorless nail polish and let it dry.


Apply a fresh coat of base color on your nails and let it dry as well.


Dip a toothpick on a different color polish and draw simple designs on the base coat. For beginners you may try putting simple polka dots on your nails. Apply sparkle on top if you wish. Let them dry completely. You can alternatively place small nail stickers you get on the base coat.


Apply the colorless top coat once again to keep the design last longer.


Clean the edges and cuticle lines with the help of a small paint brush or sponge for a clean finish



Use an eye-liner brush to draw simple designs if you find using a toothpick difficult.

A simple striped design can be created by first painting your nails in black and then drawing stripes across it in white color using a small eye-liner brush.

Put drops of different color nail polish inside a cup filled with water. Draw designs on it with a toothpick. Cover the spaces around your nails with a bandage, and then dip your nails in the cup to transfer the pattern you made in water onto your nails. Finish it with a top base coat.