I Don’t Need Captaincy Tips From MS Dhoni – Steven Smith

The Australian captain Steve Smith has made his intentions crystal clear ahead of his captainship in this year’s IPL. He is open for suggestions at right times but he also wants to captain his side in his own style. He don’t want his mind to get confused as there is this saying more the minds more the confusion.

“I have plenty of guys to talk to, but I will not seek too many opinions. Seeking too many opinions can cloud your own judgement. I want to try and stay as clear as possible. But yes, if someone sees something and feels the need to point it out to me, they are more than welcome,” Smith said about having so many experienced players in the squad.

Steve Smith even revealed that he and Dhoni had some chat after he was made the new captain. Both have shared a few messages and Dhoni has been very supportive and there are no issues. Smith doesn’t think their professional relation will have any effect post the change of captaincy.


 Virat Kohli in the post-match press conference said that he is not friends with Aussies anymore but now he is saying that he is not friends with one or two individuals, other ones who played the series with great spirit are still friends of his. Smith avoided to talk about this subject when asked.

“Great to be back and lead Pune. It is a privilege to lead these set of boys. I am really excited and it is a good squad so hopefully we will do well this year. IPL has been very beneficial not just to me, but also to a lot of young international stars. The honour of sharing the dressing room with the experienced international stars and also to learn about the game from them. It gets me really excited,” he added.

Smith is full of praise for his RPS teammate Ajinkya Rahane. He thinks that Rahane who was the stand in captain for India against the series deciding test match against Australia, did a fantastic job and he is a cool, calm and composed captain which makes him very effective when he is leading the side.