Shilpa Shetty Has Some Awesome Tips To Eat Without Getting Fat

To eat without getting fat is every women’s secret dream. However, when that doesn’t happen, most women resort to cutting down on food intake to stay slim. But sooner or later, the diets fall by the wayside and they roll back to eating more. Then they blame the diet for not losing weight, although their low-calorie diet regime had long been broken.

Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty has a few tips to pass on to this category of women. It’s been 24 years since Shilpa made her Bollywood debut, but even after these long years, the manner in which she has maintained her body and fitness is worth emulating.

Significant is the fact that Shilpa, who is past 40, doesn’t adhere to a special diet to stay slim. Though many are not willing to believe her when she says that, Shilpa testifies what she says is true.

The actress is a yoga freak, and she doesn’t think cutting down on food or adhering to a strict diet regime would help reduce flab. More importantly, she advocates eating healthy food to stay fit and slim. Shilpa loves her food and swears by local cuisine. It isn’t an exaggeration when she says ghee has always been part of her diet.


That makes us wonder why there isn’t an inch of fat on her frame. She has the answers to that too. According to her, everyone who’s into fitness should do warm-up exercises. It’s a must if you are hitting the gym. Warm-ups would lead you to your fitness goals, says Shilpa.

The actress has put together a video on warm-ups on YouTube to drive home her point. Further, stretching exercises that would make your hands, limbs, neck and back flexible need to be part of the exercise regimen, she adds.


If stretching exercises for these body parts are regularly done, mishaps from rigorous exercises could be eliminated. Stretching exercises also help in blood circulation, cutting down on body weight, and to stay fit mentally and physically. Her video elaborates on how warm-up exercises can help maintain your body and stay in shape.

So ladies, if you want to get slim and fit, follow Shilpa’s tips, without saying no to good food.