You can find hundreds of Sudoku puzzles from Google Play store. Then what is so special in this particular game? Obviously, the unconventional method they used in the classic puzzle to make it interactive.

Here you can play Sudoku game with coins, utilities, objectives, in-app purchases etc in a simple and user friendly canvas. This make the player to spent more time for this brain game without boring. With the support of official Google leaderboard, you can challenge your friends in circle.

This Sudoku game has 12 levels from very easy to the hardest. You cannot go to the hardest puzzles simply after installation. You can go to the higher levels only by collecting enough coins, to unlock the levels.

Unlike the other Sudoku puzzles available in the Play store, this game doesn’t use a limited set of puzzles. The well designed Sudoku game engine, dynamically generates the puzzles of different levels so that you can get unlimited number of games to solve.

If you are a classic Sudoku puzzle lover, this app won’t satisfy you. Yet, you can give it a try to experience the modern interactive game features  implemented in your favorite game.

Sudoku: a free game and really a wonderful brain trainer. The easiest, effective and the funniest way to engage your brain.

Game features:

  • Simple design
  • Coins
  • Utilities
  • Objectives
  • High Scores
  • Levels
  • In app purchases
  • Leader boards
  • Unlimited Sudoku puzzles


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