The Gmail App Finally Has This New Feature To Help You From Embarrassment

Google has finally listened to all the pleas of its Gmail app fans.


The Gmail App on iOS has now been updated with numerous new features – with the biggest one being the option to ‘Undo Send’ till about 6 seconds after you send the mail.


This feature works in the way that it helps you undo any wrongly-sent emails to people who shouldn’t be seeing the information.

After launch of 2012, the Gmail app on iOS was mostly broken and with loads of bugs till about sometime in 2015, when it got a decent update to fix all flaws.


Apart from this feature, it also brings in some other elements like easy search, option to see important mail first and a refreshed calendar.

Now with this major update, the Gmail app will be comparable with the app available on Android devices.


If you are an iOS user, give us your feedback of the app in the comments below!